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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Kuala Lumpur Part 1

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Malaysia has always been a hub for me; I spent a week in Kuala Lumpur almost 10 years ago and hated it. So now I use it as quick stop over in Kuala Lumpur before jetting off to my next destination.
With Air Asia having a few sales to KL and around Malaysia it wasn’t hard to work out it was time to see a little more of Malaysia. With prices from Sydney to Kuala Lumpur return $300AU per person and $45AU return from KL to Sandakan Sabah and free tickets return from KL to Langkawi with only a $15AU tax fee to pay , my Malaysian adventure was starting to take shape and with a total price of $360AU with no checked luggage just 7 kilo hand luggage.

My plan was to spend the 1st night in KL and the next day, enjoying a few sights around the city. That evening I would stay at the Tune Hotel at KLIA 2, which I had booked. So it was easier to catch an early flight to Sabah in the morning. I also booked the 1st night in Sabah at the Harbour Side Backpackers in Sandakan and I also booked the Berjaya Beach Resort in Langkawi. The rest I guess you could say I winged it as I went.

Day 1

Why is it always 6am!?! I shouldn’t complain; it’s adventure time, but why does it always have to start at 6 am. By 8am and 3 stops for coffee (my lift has a caffeine problem) I was at Sydney airport departure hall. I checked-in with Air Asia X and made my way to Immigration and my departure gate. First off time to fill my belly with a Mc Donald’s breakfast.
The flight was uneventful and about 6pm I landed at KLIA 2 airport and walked what seemed halfway to KL itself, this place is massive. In the arrival hall of the airport there are a few mobile phone companies and money changers. I bought myself a Tune Sim card for my phones which gave us 1.5 GB of data 1 hour of local calls and I think 10rm credit, which cost 50rm but it was a good amount to keep in contact with home. But I had made a mistake in using this card, Tune was good don’t get me wrong , but only in the built up areas once we were in the country or the islands we had no service, the locals where using Maxxis or Digi which had a better coverage than Tune.
Once on the ground floor I found the exit doors and to the SkyBus, I paid my 10rm to KL Sentral, now just to wait till it fills up. Before too long I was on our way and about 50 minutes later I was in KL Sentral and decided to finish the day with a feed a Mc Donald’s, Yummo; Iced Milo drinks, I love these and wish they sold them back home. After dinner I made my way to the LRT train and bought a token for 1rm for the trip from KL Sentral to Pasar Seni.

 Petailing Street 

Once off the LRT station I turned right at the MayBank and right onto Jalan Petailing and on the left is the Hotel China Town Inn. I asked if they had a room and I got a deluxe twin for 79rm about $30AU a night. I watched Petailing Street from the window for a while before we decided to catch some zzzzzzz’s.

Day 2

Rice Porridge and Steamed Chicken with Teh Tarik

By 9am I was up and ready, first stop something to fill my belly. I walked right out of the hotel and took the first right to a small street lined with street restaurants. I grabbed rice Porridge and steamed chicken with a Teh Tarik a cream tea, the food was good not the best I’ve eaten but nice the Teh Tarik was nice, but not fantastic like I was told.  A female Thai Monk who was giving out wrist bands to make merit, we had a quick chat in Thai and she smiled as we wished each other Chok Dee at the same time. 

 Guan Di Temple

Sri Mahamariamman Temple

 Flower Chains

I took a slow walk back towards the hotel, when I noticed a small market down an alley way. I explored and I bought myself a great little singing monk bowl for a great price there wasn’t much else that took my fancy, but it was just a small local market. Still on our China Town tour I stopped in at the Guan Di Temple and Sri Mahamariamman Temple. I also had a quick walk around Central Market then got onto the LRT and 2rm later we were in KLCC and I grabbed lunch inside the food court followed by a walk around the park. My day was drawing to a close and I had to start my next move, back to KLIA 2 and to spend the night at the Tune Hotel. 

 Tune Hotel KLIA 2
I grabbed my pack from The Hotel China Town Inn and headed to Pasar Seni for our 1rm ride to KL Sentral and the 10rm SkyBus to KLIA 2. As the bus pulled up at the airport I could see the Tune Hotel straight ahead and off to the right. Or get off the bus go up 1 level and walk along the corridor to the hotel, which is the safer option. Check-in was quick and easy and 174rm for a room, about $65AU. The room are very comfortable clean and good value. 

Roti Pisang 
Once I had settled in I went back over to the Mall next to the Terminals, and looked for somewhere to eat and saw NZ Curry which seemed popular with the airport staff so we placed our orders, Roti Pisang and Teh Tarik, the roti was great dipped into the curry sauce but the Teh Tarik (tea) which was fantastic and very sweet.
Time to get back to the hotel; it’s an early start in the morning.

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Sabah and Langkawi Part 2

Day 3

Sandakan Airport

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Harbourside Backpackers website Here

By 430am I was at the airport, enjoying a hot chocolate while waiting for my flight to Sandakan in Sabah. I was seated next to a girl from Sandakan who was very helpful and friendly. Two and a half hours later we touched down in Sandakan, the airport is small and just going through a few renovations.
Once I passed immigration and had my passport stamped, I made my way to the taxi counter and bought a taxi voucher for 30rm just over $10AU. The drive into Sandakan was about 30 – 40 minutes. The taxi driver dropped me a block from where I wanted to be, so I then had to lug my stuff up another block till I found The HarbourSide Backpackers, It was only around 930am and a bit early to book in but I wanted to drop my bag in. Once I had booked in and dropped my bag I went hunting for some much needed food, I found a few places along the water front, not bad food and at a good price. 

After lunch I went back to the hostel to put my bag into my room and too settle in, I had booked a private twin room for 80rm or $30AU a night. Once I sorted the room and myself out I decided to walk out of town to Agnes Keith’s House. Which took nearly an hour from the harbour front; it was very hot and very humid but a good walk. I was going to take the 100 steps up but thought this maybe a harder route, late I was warned by locals to stay well away from those steps. Some muggings have happened up there.

Agnes Keith’s House
Tickets cost 15rm or $5.50AU each to have a look around Agnes Keith’s House and the tea rooms. Just as I was about to leave a monsoonal downpour hit, so I called a taxi. The taxi dropped me at the Harbour Front for 10rm; I dropped some stuff off at the hostel and went for dinner along the water front. I found one restaurant called the Harbour Front CafĂ© most meals were between 5-12rm and beer was 2 large bottles of Tiger for 28rm
After dinner I headed back to the hostel to watch a movie and chat in the common room, until it was time for bed.

Day 4

Breaky time at HarbourSide Backpackers was toast and tea and time to catch up with family and friends via Facebook and Instagram. 

 Sandakan Markets

 Sandakan Markets
With time to spare in Sandakan I made the most of it and got out to see the sights, my first stop was the markets which are located left out of the hostel and right at the end of the mall, you can’t miss it then. The market itself is a fresh food market; it’s a bit smelly but worth a look. After the markets I walked back to the hostel and passed it and took the 1st right then the 1st left and followed it down the road to a bus station and shell petrol station, a short walk on your right is the public bus station. I searched for bus 7 or 128 that would drop me at the Australian War Memorial. I finally found the bus, no A/C and it took 20 minutes to fill up but at 2rm one way it was a bargain.

Sandakan Memorial park 

The Steam Boiler and tractor 
The War Memorial was heartbreaking and with thoughts of what these men where put through was hard to comprehend. My thoughts are with these men and their families.
The bus stop back to Sandakan is across the road from the War Memorial. I only waited 5 minutes for the bus and this one was air conditioned, and still only 2rm back to the bus depot. 

The view from Puu Jih Shih Buddhist Temple

 Puu Jih Shih Buddhist Temple

Once back in Sandakan I sat down with the map my phone and a much needed cool drink and explored what else I could go see. I decided to have a look at Puu Jih Shih Buddhist Temple, with it getting late in the afternoon I decided to catch a taxi. I paid about 35rm for each way and wait for me. The temple was nice the view over Sandakan is amazing and well worth a look. 

 Sandakan Harbour Front
Back at Harbour front I grabbed an ice cream from Mc Donald’s and sat with the locals and watched the sun disappear for another day.
I went back to the hostel, and cooled off and refreshed up a little and got ready to walk back to the harbour front for dinner.

Day 5

The Boat to Selington Island

I was up and ready by 8am, and very eager to start this adventure. By 830am I was at the front of the 4 points by Sheraton hotel which was a short 5 minute walk from the hostel and into a mini bus to the harbour. There was another couple also getting picked up, and once at the harbour our group had grown to about 12 people with our guide James, who gave us a quick talk about the boat ride and before too long we were on our way. 

 Boarder Protection 
The boat trip to Selington Island was about an hour, there are a few Islands to see and villages on stilts over the water and the odd fishing boat but the trip was uneventful and some just open water so sea sickness tablets are a must if you suffer motion sickness. Once we reached the Island the boat stopped with precision parking at a set of wooden steps like he’d done it a million times before. The beach was a mixture of course sand rough coral and broken shell mix on this side of the island as we approached the kitchen/dining room/reception we were greeted by 2 police dress in mercenary gear and holding M16 machine guns. We were told it’s for boarder protection and our protection, pirates have raided before and some people have been kidnapped.

We were briefed about what time what would happened, Then James our guide handed out our room keys, and off I went to dump my gear and explore the island, I only had an hour to kill before lunch so I thought it was pointless going for a swim till after lunch. I had a quick walk around then sat near the restaurant talking to James and Gavin both guides until lunch was ready. Lunch was a smorgasbord type deal, it was ok; nothing really to rave about. After lunch I hired a towel and made my way to the beach, the water was beautiful and warm, not far off the beach is a lot of coral and broken shells so some form of aqua shoe may come in handy.

 My New Job
I sat with the life guard for a while, he was a funny guy. I said “you have the job” He said “it’s boring as” ha ha!!!! And I guess he was right. We chatted for a while and soon a few other workers joined us on the beach. I think they got a giggle out of my attempt of Bahasa Malay.
Late afternoon the weather came over very cloudy and we got a little rain, so I moved on to my room to freshen up and get ready for dinner and turtle time. 6pm soon came around and time to assemble at the dining room to have a talk about the turtles and what will happen at turtle time and then we went upstairs to watch a film about the turtles and the island and took a look at a small museum about turtles and the Island. At 7pm it was time for dinner another smorgasbord again with only tea or coffee as a drink, which is included in the price. There is also a small shop selling drinks, snacks and a few odds and ends at good prices.

 Turtle Eggs

88 Turtle Eggs Safety Transferred to the Nursery 

 66 Baby Turtles Scurry to the Water
Now it’s waiting time, we all sit around clutching cameras and eager to hear the guy call “TURTLE TIME” James then spoke up and told us, last night was 1030pm and the night before it was 930pm. The longest time they have ever waited for the words “TURTLE TIME” to be yelled was around 3 am. Boy what a long night that would have been.
Good luck was with us tonight, as the call went out at 845pm. We quickly made our way to a spot on the beach where we could stand behind the turtle and watch her lay her eggs; a ranger collects the eggs and counts how many she lays. Tonight turtle laid 88 eggs and the ranger and his bucket with all us in tow took them to the hatchery to be replanted in a nest dug earlier. Once the nest was filled in the ranger gave us a quick talk and then we were whisked off to the beach to release 66 turtles, what an amazing moment to watch these little guys scurry down the beach to the water. The ranger then said maybe 1 turtle might make it to adult. On the way back off the beach we spotted 3 more turtles laying eggs on the beach.
Time for bed.

Day 6 

The Entrance to Sepilok

Another early start, breakfast was at 630am and our ride back to Sandakan was at 7am. The boat trip took an hour and so we were in Sandakan and in a mini bus and onto Sepilok Orang-utan Rehabitation Centre which took about 45 minutes. Once we arrived there, we found out it was the 50th anniversary celebration with free entry to the orang-utans and the sun bears as well as a key ring, a fan and a free lunch, talk about lucky.

We walk to the feeding area and saw 2 orang-utans straight away, with a few long tail macaques. Once the ranger came with his basket at feeding time a mother and her baby arrived and soon another orang-utan arrived. This was a perfect start to our trip; it was time to meet James at the bus. 

 Sun Bear
But once we got there James said the sun bear is free entry too, so go spend 20 minutes over there. I went for a quick look but I wasn’t that impressed with the set up, but it was great to see the bears.
Back in the van and our next stop was about an hour away, Checkpoint a road side restaurant come shop fruit market and mechanic. The view one way was shocking but out the back the view was amazing looking over the hills. The food was nice after lunch an older woman walked around and gave each one of us on the tour some lycees to try then she got me to put a durian in the splitter and split it open for the tour group to try. I have eaten this before in Bali, it stinks but tastes nice, it’s kind of a sloppy mess to eat but also tasty.

Back in the van and on our way again and I think an hour had passed when we were all starting to falling asleep a car went flying off the road and down into a gully, we stopped and gave the lady some assistance till her family came, she seemed ok. So off we went again then a truck over took us with 2 blown out back tyres with rubber flying everywhere flew past. We finally made it to the Kinabatangan River in one piece.

 Jetty and the Boat to the Kitabatangan Nature Lodge

Once out of the van we had to grab our packs and make our way to the jetty for the boat ride across the river to The Kinabatangan Nature Lodge. Once across the river we checked in and had a welcome drink and went to settle into my room Agamid A/C number 10. 

 Rhinoceros Hornbill

 Proboscis Monkey
At 350pm it was time to meet at reception for our first boat cruise along the Kinabatangan River, with-in minutes we saw 2 eagles and a group of short tailed macaques. Later we saw 2 Rhinoceros hornbill and a big family of proboscis monkeys and by 610pm we were back at the lodge, time to rest up and have a cool drink. It was very steamy on the river.
7pm dinner time and it was a smorgasbord, and the food was darn good. The chef came out each night and thanked us for eating there and that he hoped we liked our meal. The drink was a weak cordial which tasted a bit gross but there was tea and coffee. After dinner I had an hour wait till the night trek.

Western Tarsier
At 830pm we all met James at the reception and began out night walk which lasted about an hour. We didn’t see much most of the trek except a few spiders, a frog, a huge snail and a huge earth worm. And when all hope had vanished of spotting something else, James went sssshhhhhhh, and then at a pace he took off in the jungle with all of us in tow. He stops, listened, and quietly walked towards some trees, by this time we had all caught up. James pointed up a small tree and said see it, No; we all said, James pointed again and said look a western tarsier. We all spotted this little strange creature, and stood around watching him for a while, he sure put a smile on some weary faces. By 940pm we were back to the Lodge and time for a shower and bed. 

Day 7

James Prepares the Boat


530am wake up!!! By 550 I was at the jetty ready for another tour along the Kinabatangan River. The river was very calm and a dirty brown, we didn’t see much this morning except a two and a half meter crocodile and a family short tail macaques. We arrived back at the Lodge at 730am and time for breakfast which was also a smorgasbord.

 Ox Bow

Once breakfast is over, it was time to get ready for a 3 hour trek to the Ox Bow River through the jungle. And it was hot today after a small down pour last night. The walk was pretty easy; it was just very steamy and humid. We only spotted a few birds and insects. We arrived back at the Lodge in time for lunch. After lunch it was time for a shower and a nap. But a family of wasps soon had me at reception asking for help. They moved me from room 10 to room 9, I felt a bit better and now time for that nap.

 Can you spot the Orang-utan

By 350pm I was up and ready to cruise the river again, and by 4pm we were heading up river again. It wasn’t long before James had spotted a small group of macaque monkeys. We started to move on and James came to a sudden stop and pointed high in the trees and said the magic word “orang-utan” And up in the tree were 3 nests and a rather large Orang-utan feeding. We watch on for a good 20 minutes, a truly amazing experience.

 A large male Orang-utan 

Off we went again and on the next bend there was another orang-utan a big male who sat in a tree eating leave. Another amazing experience and one I’ll never forget, we were on a roll with the spotting tonight and on the way back to the lodge we saw a family of proboscis monkeys settling in for the night.
Back to the lodge and with a Kinabatangan sunset to light the way. After dinner I opted out of the night walk and went with an early night, I guess I’m getting old.

Day 8

I must be getting old I slept in as well. At least I was ready for breakfast early and ready to go, as check out time was 830am. We took a short boat ride across the river and got into the mini-van and off to our next destination Gomantong Cave the biggest birds nest cave in Sabah. The walk to the cave was a little magical with the rainforest and a wooden walkway covered in moss, it was only a short walk to the cave maybe 10 minutes but the closer you get the more you can smell the bat poo. 

 Gomantong Cave

 Inside the cave

We were given hats to save us from the bat poo, thank god we didn’t need them, and there were tonnes of it. The walk way was covered in bat poo and the hand rails were covered in cockroaches. James show us a few things inside the cave, he pointed out a fresh patch of bat poo and spat on it and from no-where millions of cockroaches came out of the poo and ate the spit , it was like a scene from an Indiana Jones Movie. And to see the crabs living in the jungle and the cave was a blow out.
Back in the bus and about an hour or so till James dropped me off at Sepik. I got dropped off near the gate of the Orang-utan Centre and walked to Sepilok Jungle Resort and check-in to a standard room for 100rm 0r $37AU at night. 

 Canopy Walk 
I grabbed my camera and headed for the rainforest discovery centre which was about 1.5 – 2 km down the road. Entry fee was 15rm; I found the shop and bought myself a drink of water and off I went to walk amongst the canopy. I did a walk around the lake as well which was good, I didn’t see anything except a few birds but some of the trees are amazing.

 Orang-utan at Sepilok
I grabbed a cab back to the Sepilok Orang-utan centre and paid 30rm entry fee and 10rm camera fee, I was in time for the afternoon feeding, which was another amazing experience with 6 in total around the feeding platform and one orang-utan came and sat near me on the hand railing.
On the way out I spotted a Pigmy elephant in the distance, I spoke to a girl who said there was a small elephant that was an orphan and there is talk of an elephant centre to care and rehabilitate them.
I walked back to the hotel which took about 10-15 minutes and took a stroll around the grounds of the hotel. I had a shower and thought I’d try get an early dinner, I got to the restaurant about 530pm and ordered a drink and chatted to family and friends via Facebook. 

 My Dinner Guest

When a male orang-utan came along the handrail and helped himself to some dinner and a drink. I grabbed a few selfies, while the lady swapped the drink with some fruit to try getting him to leave. Wow I was total blown away to be so close I could just touch him. Once they got him to leave I finally got to eat my dinner, but not till I plaster my social network with a selfie of me and my dinner date.
I went back to my room, for a few beers.

Day 9

Proboscis Monkey

Large Male Proboscis Monkey

I went and had breakfast about 730am, which wasn’t too tasty, but it filled the void.
I took a short walk to the orang-utan centre to wait for the shuttle bus to Labuk Bay to see the proboscis monkeys. The shuttle bus is 20rm each way and the entrance fee is 60rm and a 10rm camera fee, personally I think that’s a bit expensive. I was the only person on the bus and the driver was Adam he took me to platform b for the 1130am feeding time, which lasted 20 odd minutes then the monkeys had gone. Back in the van and we set off for the restaurant for lunch when a group of silver leaf monkeys stopped the van, so I jumped out and got a few photos. 

Silver Leaf Monkey
Adam took me to the restaurant for lunch which was a nice feed and not too bad of a price. After lunch I watched a movie by myself and I think I may have fallen asleep. Then it was time to go another feeding platform, we waited a while but nothing showed up. So we had a slow walk back to the van while Adam told me about his life in Sabah.

I was back at Sepilok at the orang-utan centre by 345pm so I took a walk back to the hotel and grabbed a few beers and freshened up in the room. Before going for dinner, yep I got another visit from the naughty orang-utan who seemed to like sitting and taking over my table.
Once he had had some food he went on his way so I could order my Singapore noodles and a 7up for 13rm. 

Day 10

The view of Sandakan from The 4 points by Sheraton

Finally a morning where I slept past 8am, I quickly got ready and got myself to breakfast. After breakfast I checked out and walked up to the Orang-utan centre and waited for the shuttle bus. And waited and waited, it didn’t show up so I bit the bullet and paid 30rm for a taxi to Sandakan. Once back in Sandakan I just felt like spoiling myself and book into 4 Points by Sheraton, oh boy what a nice place and a deluxe room with a sea view was 226rm $80AU. I made my way up to the room to dump my backpack. Then I went out to find an ATM as I was running out of cash. I found a MayBank ATM and used my Citibank Debit Visa the fee was 1rm. I grabbed a few supplies from the 7/11 store and made my way back to the room.
I had a shave and my first hot shower in days it felt good and I turned on the TV and watched my first TV in days. I watched a movie and ate some Cadbury chocolate I was in heaven. Mid-afternoon I went to the pool for a swim, and to take in the view over Sandakan. I freshened up and went for a walk around town and decided to eat along the waterfront, I found one place selling dumplings, so I decided to try one for dinner it had chicken inside and a chilli dipping sauce, it was super yummy. I finished the night off with a few beers and a movie.

Day 11
7am and I’m at Sandakan airport waiting for my flight back to KL, the airport is a bit of a mess at the moment as its getting a facelift. Which made things a bit longer to do, I made my way to immigration and sat down and waited for my flight. I had web checked in yesterday at the hotel and printed my boarding pass.
I landed in KLIA2 about 2 and a half hours later, and I caught the Skybus to KL Sentral and then the LRT to Pasar Seni Station and took the short walk to the hotel China Town Inn. I checked in and dumped myself, and hit KL for a short list of things my daughters had decided I should buy them while in KL. I had a walk around Petailing Street. 

 A view of the towers from the Sky Bar
Back at the hotel I freshened up and got myself a little dressed up and grabbed a cab. And what a silly time to catch a cab peak hour! 30 minutes late I was at the Trader Hotel to meet a friend for a drink at the Sky Bar. We had to go on the waiting list for a booth, but that was only a 15 minute wait. Boy what an awesome view of the towers, the booths are great just to kick back and relax take in the cities views and enjoy a drink with a friend. Taxi home I think. 

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 Day 12

Travel Route  Here

Berjaya Hotel Website Here

Berjaya Hotel Photo's room 2153 Photo's Here

Berjaya Hotel Hospitality Room Photo's Here

Panic!!! I slept in. I forgot to set my alarm, I had only minutes to pack and get ready, and it was a fast paced walk to Pasar Seni LRT station. The train was packed, but I was soon at KL Sentral. And luck was on my side the Sky Bus was ready to leave as soon as I got on.


I made it to the airport and quickly rushed into Mc Donald’s and grabbed a large Bubur Ayam  or rice chicken porridge with and iced milo drink and headed to my gate. I manage to consume breakfast before it was boarding time. The plane was a little late taking off, but I think we made up time in the air. As we came into Langkawi to land the weather didn’t look too good and the descent was rough , very rough the roughest I’ve come across yet, at one point I wondered if I should text home. But fortunately the plane landed safely.

At the exit of Langkawi airport I grabbed taxi voucher for 26rm or $10AU to the Berjaya. The taxi driver was one of the nicest I’ve meet he was very chatty and helpful with questions I asked. About 30 minutes later we were at the hotel. Wow what an impressive place, check-in was quick and easy. I had my welcome drink in the sports bar and headed for a shuttle bus to my room.
I had a quick explore of the room, grabbed a beer from the mini bar (I’ll replace that later) and sat on the balcony and relax, mmmm I think I might grabbed that other beer.

I called the shuttle bus which came and picked me up; I had to be dropped at reception to catch another bus to the Oriental village. I had a walk around to see what’s on offer at the village and I found the duty free shop, where I stocked up on supplies, and the 2 beers I needed to replace at the hotel. As I walked out of the Oriental Village the shuttle bus pulled up, so I grabbed a ride back to the Berjaya, then another shuttle to my room. Yep the place is massive and the shuttle bus is a pain in the butt and the darn things are noisy, but that’s my only complaint.

Back at the room to relax a while before getting ready for dinner, I called for a shuttle which took me to the Thai restaurant over the water. The atmosphere was great and the food matched, an enjoyable night.
Back on that shuttle again, and bed time.

Day 13

I decided to hire a car today, so I called the shuttle bus for a lift to breakfast and after breakfast I went to see the car hire office near the sports bar and hired a small Nissan for 160rm with a clause for your first born life if you damage the car. 

So I set off to explore Langkawi, armed with a crappy map and my first stop was Temurun Waterfall. It was a short beautiful walk up to the waterfall, I loved the steps up to the falls they had a Lord of the Rings feel about them and I expected a hobbit to pop up somewhere. The water was cool and the falls magnificent, I stood chatting to a guy brushing up some leaves for a while. He told me about the tunnel up the road and a nice beach back down the road. So I walked up to the tunnel which was impressive but really nothing to exciting. 

Back in the car and back towards the main road, and my next stop. Pasir Tengkorak beach, wow what a little gem, this place was great white soft sand and beautiful warm clear water. I had a quick swim before exploring the next little beach that which is a 5 minute walk along the cliff top, I had this beach to myself, arrrhh bliss!

Back on the road again, and time to get some fuel, I put 25rm in the tank and off I went again. Next stop was Tanjung Rhu Beach for a look and back on the road to Durian Perangin Waterfall, wow this place was kept tidy, the waterfall wasn’t anything to impressive but the grounds are. I sat and had a cool drink before taking off to the next stop. Kuah Town was next, I found Mc Donald’s and had lunch then it was time to see Eagle Square, I really didn’t enjoy driving around this part of the Island. My next stop was Pantai Cenang I decided to park the car and have a walk around and check out the beach and grab some duty free shopping. I thought it was time to head back toward the hotel, when I drove past a night market so I stopped in to have a look around and grab some fantastic fried noodles for dinner. I parked the car at the Berjaya and caught the shuttle bus to my room, and a movie night.

Day 14

I was woken by those noisy shuttle buses. I guess it was time to get up and get ready and get to breakfast, I thought I would go back to Pasir Tengkorah Beach after breakfast.
I was the only person on the beach besides the lady raking up leaves, I loved this beach and spent a few hours swimming and relaxing. But all good things come to an end and I had to get the car back so off I set. I made a quick stop in at the oriental village to pick up a few supplies. 

I handed the keys back in and grabbed the shuttle bus to my room and dumped my supplies and headed towards the pool. I spent a few hours swimming and relaxing by the pool.
That afternoon I walked over to the oriental village to ride the Skycab, but once I got there the lines were very long. I spoke to a woman who said the wait is an hour and a half yet. So I decided to wait till tomorrow and try again.
I freshened up and went to the Chinese restaurant for dinner at the Berjaya; I went with the tea smoked duck, Yummo!!

Day 15

After breakfast I grabbed a shuttle to the Oriental Village to ride Skycab, I was there for 9am but this morning it opened earlier. Lucky for me there still wasn’t many people there. I got into a gondola and started my journey up the mountain alone, wow! You’re high, bloody high but what a view and I wasn’t even at the first stop yet. I got out at the first stop and some clouds and I think a plane went past. I waited for my turn to get back on the gondola and onto the top, by the time I reached the very top observation deck and the weather had cleared a little and the view improved. I sat at the cafeteria with a drink and enjoyed the view. 

I lined up and waited for my turn to get on a gondola, and because I was a single traveller I was ushered to the front and put in a gondola with 3 others. The ride down was a better view than going up and you seem to go quiet quick as well.
As soon as I got out of the gondola, the rain poured down and thank goodness I still wasn’t up there. I waited the rain out under the duty free show veranda with an ice cream. An hour later the rain had eased off so I started to head towards the shuttle pick up point. I only waited 5 minutes until the shuttle bus arrived.
Back at the room and time to pack and get ready, I called the shuttle bus at 12pm and dropped my pack with the concierge and handed my room key in reception. And went down the beach restaurant and had some lunch. After lunch I went to the bar in the reception area and had a drink or two and to borrow a power socket to charge my phone. I went and spoke to reception about a hospitality room. They let me have it for 1 hour, which was great it gave me time to organise myself a bit better and shower before my flight back to Kuala Lumpur.
At 3pm I caught a taxi from the Berjaya to the airport for 26rm; I grabbed a cuppa from Starbucks and sat catching up with friends and family.
The flight to KL took about an hour and it poured most of the way. I had a 3 hour wait at KLIA2 till my flight, home to Sydney Australia. So I checked in with Air Asia and went and got a meal and had a walk around the airport and the mall to kill time. I also found a pin I could open my phone and change my Malaysian sim to my Australian Sim.
I made my way to immigration and waited at gate Q10, We boarded at 1030pm and by 11pm we were on our way home.
8 hours later, touch down in Sydney. 
And another adventure comes to a close which leaves me wondering what’s next?

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