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Monday, January 28, 2013

Phuket - Phi Phi Island 2013

Day 19

Shit, shit, shit, we have slept in past the alarm. It has become a frantic race to get packed and ready and with 3 people in one room, let’s just says tempers flared once or twice. We made our way to reception together but our lips were sealed shut and we dare not look each other in the eye for the fear of another outbreak of world war 3. I checked-out and went out front to flag down a taxi. There are a few taxis out front of the hotel but these guys are scammers and charge a small fortune instead of using the meter. It took me 3 taxis before I found one that would take us to Don Mueang airport and use the meter. By 8am we were in the taxi and on our way to the airport, the taxi driver said to get there quick I can pay 105 THB for express tolls or we may be stuck in the traffic a while. I agreed as we have been sitting in the same spot for the last 10 minutes. We took 2 toll roads on the way to the airport but even though we had payed tolls the first toll way had spots of dead still traffic jams and the journey took just over an hour and a half. So fare was 253 THB plus 105 THB tolls from New Siam 2 and took about an hour and a half and we still all sat in silence.
We did self-check-in and made our way to the gate and waited for our flight back to Phuket with Air Asia. On the way we noticed a huge TV screen on the wall and if you stand in front of it, it put your image on the screen, which we thought was pretty cool and surprise surprises we are all best friends again.

Our flight took off on time and as we left the ground I peered out the window and watch to suburbs blend into the city that slowly disappeared into a haze of smog. It almost felt like the city was holding a secret it wanted me to find, and my short visit hardly brushed the surface I am sure me and Bangkok will meet again and I will try find out its secret allure.

Touch down at Phuket airport and a brisk walk out of the terminal and a right turn and ignore everyone till I reach the fixed price taxi stand. I ordered our taxi to Patong, Nicky’s Handle bar for 600THB.
I booked in and said G’day to the friendly staff, Nicky’s is a nice hotel the staffs are fantastic the rooms are clean and tidy as too are the grounds. The food and hospitality are perfect and Nicky is a top guy.
I had ordered some reading glasses for Miss G before we went north.  The shop is the first optometrist on the same side as Nicky’s walking towards Bangla road. They did a great job and only 2500 THB, a lot cheaper than what I was quoted here in Australia.

We crossed the road and under the big arch of the Adaman beach suite hotel and dropped some washing off just around the corner from beauty land. And the girls wanted one last shop in beauty land before we headed home. We dumped our gear back at the hotel and decided to walk down the beach and watch the sunset before grabbing dinner. We ended up at a small restaurant near the Otop Market and had a great feed for dinner. We caught a tuk tuk back to the hotel; I love the warm air rushing past my sunburnt salty skin.

Day 20

The bloody alarm again …… what is wrong with me and early starts! But this one should be well worth it. I grabbed our breakfast boxes from reception and scoffed down its contents before our transport arrived.


520am and right on time the bus arrived to pick us up, and with just one other pick-up. We were soon on our way. We arrived at a long pier for Coconut Island and were greeted by Harry (aka Mr Chow) who explained the tides were very low so the boats had to be anchored in the ocean overnight. We waited on the pier and watched the sky slowly lighten up as we boarded our longtail boat to Simba 3. Once we completed our mid-sea boat exchange, we were on our way. The sun was emitting an orangish glow in the sky and its reflection danced upon the wind swept ocean. Our sunrise Phi Phi tour with Simba Sea Trips has begun.

Our first stop was Maya Bay and what a beautiful sight first thing in the morning with the sun’s rays reaching around the tall sheer lime stone cliffs and slowly warming the white soft sand of Maya bay. We had to walk from the boat as the tide was still too low. I guess it put more of an authentic spin on the experience. Like what happened in the movie called “The Beach” staring Leonardo DiCaprio.

Once on “The Beach” we took a few photos and sat on an old wooden seat and enjoyed the beautiful view. Harry took a few photos for us. Before rounding everybody up for a chat about Maya bay and life in general while have a something to eat and drink.

We waded our way back through waist deep water to get back on-board of Simba 3. The hordes of tour boat had arrived with people packed in like sardines and I thought to myself it’s an accident waiting to happen.  We took off for the other side of the Island and to go snorkelling. The water was clear and full of a huge selection of smallish fish. The girls were wrapped and loved snorkelling in the warm tropical waters and think feeding fish bananas was silly.


After a while and with everybody back on-board we headed off to a small sandy bottom bay with beautiful clear water and dropped anchor. And lined up to jump off the front of Simba 3 and enjoy a swim in the beautiful warm water which helped cool our sun cooked skin.

 Back on board and off to Monkey Beach. I hate monkeys, I can’t trust them. I got off on the beach and started taking a few photos when a monkey decided to chase me down the beach. Ok let’s go!! And back on the boat for me.

Soon after we were on our way again, it was nice to be in the shade of the boat again with a cool breeze cooling us down from this glorious hot sunny day. As we slowed down to check-out the Viking Cave where birds' nests are harvested to make the highly prized birds nest soup.

We had a quick stop a camel rock and the blow hole before landing on Bamboo Island for a break and a monstrous yummy lunch after lunch and an ample rest. 


We headed off to our last stop of the day Mosquito Island for one last snorkel before heading back to the Royal Marina. By 330pm we were back at Nicky’sHandlebar to relax and wash the salt and sand from our bodies and not once during the day did I feel rushed in anyway.
Later in the evening we headed toward Bangla road the girls want Mc Donald’s for dinner and I wasn’t feeling very hungry after the feast we had for lunch. So I agreed and thought I may just get a fries and be happy. But just before we got to Maccas I got a pain in my stomach and when to the pharmacy to get something for an upset stomach, which seemed to easy it slightly for a while and not long after I was back at the hotel and in bed the pain was a little worse but I had managed to go sleep for maybe an hour but soon awoke with a huge pain in my stomach. My eldest tried to get a taxi to Bangkok hospital in Phuket Town but no-one wanted to take us, so Nicky gave a friend of his the car keys and got us to the hospital in Patong. I am forever grateful and I'm very thankful they could help me out in a time of need.

I was escorted to a bed in emergency straight away, the pain was bad. I lay there and was asked some questions and had my vitals checked. I lay there for some time before I was approached again and asking the same question by a different nurse. When a women came running in screaming holding a small boy of around 6 months to 10 months old dead. His little body was slumped down on the bed next to me as a rush of nurses and a doctor swarmed him and began working a miracle. While I watched I noticed 2 cockroaches race up a wall, then I realized  bed I lay in had dried blood all over it it was all to surreal. I half expected Indian Jones to come bursting through the doors at any moment. But amongst all this madness they had saved a young boys life and hopefully after the poisoning the little boy will be ok, I have thought of him often since that night.

I was in a lot of pain now and I was given 2 injections which I regret accepting as the cleanliness of the hospital left a lot to be desired.  But I accepted them and after an hour I felt a bit better, good enough to get the hell out of there. The bill was about $35 for the bed and medication. I was glad to be out of there and back at the hotel it was straight to bed for me.

Day 21

930am and NO alarm. Bliss!!!! Finally a sleep in and god we were happy for it and I felt 100% but also sad as well. It was our last day in Thailand. We made our way to breaky and to have my last rice porridge. I picked up some washing and fixed up our bill and got reception to order a taxi, which cost 600-700THB and is a good price from Patong. We booked in and clear immigration and waited at our gate for our flight to Kuala Lumpur. I reflected on the last few days in Thailand and thought how much we loved the day in the Phi Phi Islands.
Our Air Asia flight took off and landed on time. And we got all the formalities out of the way. We grabbed some Mc Donald's for dinner. After we walking towards the taste of India shop that is in the same direction as the Sky bus stop. At the taste of India shop turn right and to the 2nd Island where you can get the green bus. It transfers between the two airports for a fee of 2.50MR per person. We Left  LCCT for KLIA and walk to the elevators to level one and go to door 3, were we could meet the free shuttle bus to the Concorde Inn for the night.
We checked-in, the grounds and reception looked really nice as we were shown to our rooms the hallways looked a little grotty. The rooms are clean comfortable and a 3 star standard room. We settled in and freshened up and watched a movie.

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