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Thursday, March 14, 2013

I'm free in Sydney

Sydney Harbour Bridge with Luna Park

 St Marys
I took a free walking tour of Australia's favorite city Sydney over the weekend with I’m free walking tour of Sydney. I’m free was started by a young couple who love the City they grew up in and want to share their knowledge with you. They do 2 tour’s a day around Sydney’s city at 1030 am and again at 230 pm these tours last 3 hours and are very easy walking and they also do a 1 hour and a half tour in the evening around the rocks. 

 Hyde Park Barracks
I took the 230pm tour around Sydney and even though Sydney isn’t far from my home I learnt a lot on the enjoyable easy paced tour. You are given a map of Sydney and on the maps is a list of things to do and see that are free by day or night, cheap places to eat with much more. They work on a tip system so at the end of the tour dig deep into your pocket and give them a good tip for the excellent tour. 

I'm Free website - here

I'm Free Facebook - here

Trip Advisor reviews - here

Angel Place
The spot Captain Cook Claimed Australia as part of the UK
A Manly Ferry passing The Opera House
Sydney Harbour Bridge

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Wednesday, March 6, 2013



Pickpocketing has been around since time began and still today in one form or another it’s still a big part of our lives. Pickpocketing is basically reaching into your pocket or bag and taking either money or valuables without you even noticing until later.
With new technology the pickpocketer or now the E-pickpocketer has it a lot easier to take not only your valuables and money and now have the means to take your identity and clean out your bank account without even touching you. They can very easily buy a Radio Frequency Identification Scanner or RFID off sites like E-Bay.

 See Video here

How it works is just by walking past someone they can scan your pocket or bag. Even at the airport while you are lining up to check-in on your flight they can scan your bank and credit cards as well as your passport. Not only can they take your money and identity they now know your leaving the country and where you live, leaving your home venerable. Most bank/credit cards and Australian passport come with an electronic chip which contains our personal details.
What can be done to protect ourseleves, there is a number of things that can be done to help protect you cards and passport. You can buy a passport wallet and card holders to store your stuff in which is RFID proof. I bought myself a passport wallet which I use to store my passport and cards and gives me a little piece of mind. 

My  RFID Passport Wallet Video here

RFID Blocking products can be found on the Bagworld website found here . Bagworld has great service and prices I have purchased a few items from them.

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Safe travels with your Android phone.

Smart phones are a valuable tool for the traveller; it’s not only a way to communicate with others. We can also listen to music, play games take and edit photos, make movies, surf the web, do our banking and the list goes on and on.
But have you ever thought of protection for your phone, and I’m not talking cases or screen protectors. I’m taking about anti-virus protection. Never thought about it, not a lot of people do. Would you use your computer or laptop without it? I wouldn’t just as I wouldn’t use my phone without protection especially with internet capabilities. Phones are an easy target for malware and viruses. 

I have an unlocked Android phone with AVG Anti-Virus installed and on my recent trip To Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore. I changed my sim card in each country; it’s so much cheaper for calls and data. 

Part of the email from AVG

I boarded my plane in Sydney bound for Malaysia, once I had cleared immigration I purchased myself a sim card from Tune Talk at the airport and add some credit. I received an email from AVG telling me my phone was in Malaysia and that the sim card has been changed.  The email informed me that remotely I could lock me phone, wipe all the info off my phone, and make my phone scream which make your phone let out a high pitched noise they can’t turn off and locate my phone. I also received 2 more email one when I changed my sim card in Thailand and also in Singapore. I think its well worth having installed on your phone and give a peace of mind your phone and personal data are safe.

 More info here and get AVG here

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