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Monday, April 25, 2011

What I pack

I like to travel light and use a 40 litre backpack. It’s within dimensions to be used as hand luggage and can carry heaps. Its great with no bag check-in or extra fees, all my stuff is with me. Which makes me feel better knowing no-one is tampering with my luggage or it getting lost in transit .It’s a good idea to keep all you important items with you anyway .Once I’m past immigration and while everyone else is waiting for their baggage. I’m in a taxi and on my way.
With backpacks it’s important to get something that feels great when it has weight in it, so while shopping for a backpack ask the shop assistant if you can put something in it and try walking around the shop for 10 minutes or so. And with my travels around Asia I know its well worth getting a backpack with a built in rain cover.

I know a Backpack isn’t the most secure, but nor are suitcases .But I add a padlock well a combination lock as keys can get lost easy.
Apart from the clothes I’m wearing I pack 3 sets of clothes. Most of my travels are to countries with a warm climate so shorts and t-shirts are great .They are light and can be rolled up to save on space , I also take a pair of light jeans and a light jumper again roll them up you will save on space . It’s very cheap to use a laundromat or wash in the basin in your room. Clothes in Asia are very cheap at the markets if you need more clothes.
I wear thongs / flip flops light and easy to wear and cool on the feet. I would suggest buying or taking a pair of joggers if you intend on doing a lot of hiking, biking or rafting.
I take a plastic poncho with me, great for those sudden down pours. I bought a few in Vietnam for 50 odd cents each.

Electronics are fun and heavy. So it’s time to think what you really need to take with you. I used a small compact digital camera with a large zoom and high mega pixel for quality photos, after all these are our memories. Also take an unlocked mobile phone one with Internet can be helpful .I take a small 10 inch net book as I like to write my blog entries as I go, also a handy way to look up information and to keep in contact with friends and family. And great way to back up my photos .A must for me is my IPod touch with music, games and wifi. With a big choice of apps from the ITunes store .It’s a powerful tool for the traveller. Also, very light and compact.

I also take a toothbrush and toothpaste, deodorant, sun screen and a deet insect repellent and remember it has to be under the 100ml per unit and a total of 1 litre. Sun screen is very expensive in all the countries I have travelled to. Be sure you take some from home, most other items are very cheap to buy while there.
I squeeze in a surge protector power board to protect my electronic gear.

Just remember whatever you take you have to carry. It may be easy to carry on a plane but a bus, taxi, boat, and motor bike or walking maybe a little different.
And let’s not forget the passport and tickets and other important papers. I also take a cheat sheet with me, which is a great way of working how much money you are spending .And take a pen with you a big help filling out those immigration cards/forms.

A great site for tips on what to pack and how to pack,