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Wednesday, March 6, 2013



Pickpocketing has been around since time began and still today in one form or another it’s still a big part of our lives. Pickpocketing is basically reaching into your pocket or bag and taking either money or valuables without you even noticing until later.
With new technology the pickpocketer or now the E-pickpocketer has it a lot easier to take not only your valuables and money and now have the means to take your identity and clean out your bank account without even touching you. They can very easily buy a Radio Frequency Identification Scanner or RFID off sites like E-Bay.

 See Video here

How it works is just by walking past someone they can scan your pocket or bag. Even at the airport while you are lining up to check-in on your flight they can scan your bank and credit cards as well as your passport. Not only can they take your money and identity they now know your leaving the country and where you live, leaving your home venerable. Most bank/credit cards and Australian passport come with an electronic chip which contains our personal details.
What can be done to protect ourseleves, there is a number of things that can be done to help protect you cards and passport. You can buy a passport wallet and card holders to store your stuff in which is RFID proof. I bought myself a passport wallet which I use to store my passport and cards and gives me a little piece of mind. 

My  RFID Passport Wallet Video here

RFID Blocking products can be found on the Bagworld website found here . Bagworld has great service and prices I have purchased a few items from them.

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