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Thursday, March 14, 2013

I'm free in Sydney

Sydney Harbour Bridge with Luna Park

 St Marys
I took a free walking tour of Australia's favorite city Sydney over the weekend with I’m free walking tour of Sydney. I’m free was started by a young couple who love the City they grew up in and want to share their knowledge with you. They do 2 tour’s a day around Sydney’s city at 1030 am and again at 230 pm these tours last 3 hours and are very easy walking and they also do a 1 hour and a half tour in the evening around the rocks. 

 Hyde Park Barracks
I took the 230pm tour around Sydney and even though Sydney isn’t far from my home I learnt a lot on the enjoyable easy paced tour. You are given a map of Sydney and on the maps is a list of things to do and see that are free by day or night, cheap places to eat with much more. They work on a tip system so at the end of the tour dig deep into your pocket and give them a good tip for the excellent tour. 

I'm Free website - here

I'm Free Facebook - here

Trip Advisor reviews - here

Angel Place
The spot Captain Cook Claimed Australia as part of the UK
A Manly Ferry passing The Opera House
Sydney Harbour Bridge

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