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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Bali and Phuket 2011 Part 3

Part 3. MozzerellA Monkey Mountains

Day 15

330 am OMG!!!!!

We have a darn early flight to Bali with Air Asia.

We walked out the front of the hotel, shit! No taxis. I said to the girls quick let’s get to Rat U Thit Road. Hopefully we will find a taxi or tuk tuk there. Thank god we did and off we set for the airport. Apparently in Thailand you can speed through red lights if you put your hazard lights on, talk about a nail biting experience.

We printed our boarding passes and checked in and went to immigration and on to the departure lounge to catch a few zzzzz’s.

The plane left on time and landed on time, with no problems at all.

Touchdown in Bali, and I dashed for VOA counter while the girls lined in the immigration line 20 minutes and we were saying G'day to Wayan.

It was a strange feeling coming back to Bali almost like the feeling you get when you get home again.

We started our road trip first stop was Golden Key printing to pick up the stubbie coolers I ordered for my brothers business , which turned out great . Then onto Change some money in Garlic lane and to say hello to Turika.

Wayan took us back to Panji batik painting to pick up our doona cover we had made, what a great job as always. That’s our 3rd time visiting this shop over the years and all the covers are still going strong.

Then onto the Tegal Sari in Ubud. What a beautiful hotel. We got room 17 a deluxe room ground floor, next to the pool and a great view of the rice fields and monkey forest. The room is clean and comfortable. There is a mini bar with good priced drinks, even the food menu is a great price. There is tea and coffee making facilities air conditioned and a ceiling fan and a room safe. The Bathroom has a bath and a shower. There is free wifi but drops out at times and can be slow. And no TV, with also two geckos, patrolling the walls. That made some bizarre noises at different times of the night.

More photos of the Tegal Sari Here

 Tegal Sari website here

Tegal Sari Hotel Lay Out Map Here

We dumped our stuff and place the valuables in the room safe.

And went for lunch at Ibu Oka . Wayan joined us for lunch, my shout. He insisted I have the Bali version of the Babi Guling with the hot sauce; the girls had the other version with no hot sauce and soup. I went to pick up the spoon, when Wayan said "no”. Eat it the Balinese way and he asked for a bowl to wash our right hand in and away we went, dig in with your fingers. I loved it, and soon the cane basket was empty. Mind you the girls were disgusted in me for eating the entail sausage. But it was so yummy.

After lunch the girls wanted a walk around Ubud markets.

Then back to the hotel for a swim and relax for a while.

Around 5 we made our way to the monkey forest to have a walk around and check out the monkeys, it was Miss G's first time. Monkey forest is such a beautiful place, but I don't trust those darn monkeys for a minute. But we had no problems at all, though we did refuse to feed them.

I noticed a guy walking around with a large pole with something white on the end. It was the duck man, come to collect his ducks. After they had a hard day digging around in the mud looking for grubs and worms. I still think it's amazing how he manages to get all the ducks to come to him, let alone them all walking in a straight line to their home.

We sat out the front of our room to watch a fantastic sunset over the rice fields.

After having such a large late lunch, we decided to skip dinner and cool off in the pool for a while. Then off to bed.

Day 16

It was so peaceful here we slept in.

We made our way along the narrow pathway past building and rice fields to the restaurant area where we were seated and ordered our breakfast. The girls had jaffles with cheese and ham with hot chocolate, which they both loved. I ordered the nasi goreng and a pineapple juice, made from fresh pineapples. I love a fresh made breakfast; it’s so much nicer than food left festering away for hours on the side.

After breakfast we went for a short walk around Ubud, it was still a little early and not much was open, but that was fine we enjoyed our morning walk.

Back at the room, to relax. I sat outside catching up on my blog and watching the ducks go about their business and the two guys digging a rice field while a young boy was cutting the grass around the edge of the field with a scythe . The air was humid but the slight breeze was nice, just enough to keep me feeling comfortable.
I best make a move and get all my shit together as Wayan will be here soon to whisk me away from the peace and serenity . To the utter madness of Legian were even though I still feel relaxed but everything around me is so kayotic.

Wayan picked us up and took us to Goa Gajah for a look around. It was darn hot and humid there, we payed our entrance fee and tied on our sarongs and started down the stairs to the bottom. And headed to the cave and got a few photos. We then entered the cave which was full of smoke from the incense from all the offering inside the cave. I was blessed by a holy man by splashing me with holy water and placing a flower behind my right ear. By now I should be beaming good luck.

After Wayan took us on a walk across the rice fields to a temple and down some steps to a small bridge were holy man sat. Wayan spoke to him, and he took us down a stream to see some of the old temple which had broken away and fallen down into the stream. The holy man was wasted on the Betel nut, his teeth were stained bright red he couldn't stand still and was constant muttering to himself. I think he suggested I fly over to him while he held out his shaky hand to catch me from across the stream. I got a few photos and thanked him, before heading up the steps to the temple.

Shit I was sweating like a pig; it was so humid down there. I was glad to get into Wayans car to cool off with the A/C.

Off we went to our next stop the Kusnadi hotel in Legian . It is a nice hotel very clean and comfy. The gounds are thick lush and tropical .The room is clean and basic with a TV, air conditioned a small fridge. There is no in room safe, but there is a safety deposit boxes at the front reception. You do get a bottle of water and breakfast and there is a tooth brush, body wash and shampoo and conditioner. There is a room off to one side with a single bed in it. Which is comfortable, but a little warmer away from the A/C. This hotel is full of old world charm with its Balinese style houses and lust tropical gardens. A true delight. But was a bit noisy with all the schoolies.

More photos of the Kusnadi Hotel Here

 Kusnadi hotel website here

We grabbed a cab and went to Sunset Road for some shopping at Kumpung Nusantara a place were a lot of local Balinese shop, very cheap prices. We got some necklaces for about $1 and a few weaved blankets, which I use as table clothes. I also got a few Bali chill spa CD's both around 50 000rp. Back in the taxi and up the road to have a look around Biarritz we didn't buy much here.

We went back to the hotel to cool off in the pool. Before freshening up and heading out to MozzerellA by the sea for dinner. Another, fantastic meal.

We grabbed a cab, and headed to the Bounty for a few drinks.

Day 17

Breakfast at the Kusnadi was juice, tea or coffee. Pork sausage, noodles toast, fruit and egg of any style. Fresh eggs on toast with pineapple juice will do me fine.

After breakfast went about 3 shops up the road from the hotel and got some vans shoes, and dropped them back to the hotel.

We caught a cab to see Ketuts shop just off Garlic lane, it was bloody humid today. And in the shop was packed with Aussies, all getting a bargain.

After Ketuts we went to Miss Debbie’s shop and went out back to spend a more rupiahs.

Back to the hotel to pack our number 7 Bali Bag and to tape it up with the roll of tape to make sure the zip don't bust open. Yes it was packed full and so where out backpacks. But the backpacks will come on as hand luggage.

It was time to relax around the pool and enjoy the sun and the cool water.
Around lunch time we headed to Tommy’s cafe just up from the hotel, great place to have weetbix for breaky or even a chip butty .Great staff and atmosphere.

We walked up to see Turika and wish her and her family all the best and said our farewells.

One last dip in the pool. Before we had a shower and finished packing. And went out to the hotel restaurant for a bite to eat before we leave, Wayan picked us up and took us to the airport.

We checked in and made our way through immigration and waited for our flight to board. There was heaps of schoolies on this flight and we were also on one of the newer A330 planes.

These planes seemed to have a bit more room and also came with entertainment units in the back of the seats with free shows to watch a message system that you can chat with other passengers and a flight tracker with flight info. And also with usb charging points to charge your electronic devices.

We were delayed a good 40 minutes before takeoff, for some reason.

Day 18

Touchdown in Sydney, Customs slowed getting off the plane down by making everyone exit the plane in single file and allowing the dog to walk past a few people at a time. After that it was basically straight out of the airport.

We met our transport and headed to the bus and to start our 2 hour trip home.
At home I sat on the lounge exhausted and looked at the bags and mess on the lounge room floor and looked at the girls with a smile on my face and said "What’s next".

. More photos here .

Scans of some business cards here

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food solutions said...

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Jacqui said...

Fantastic blog of your trip. Can't wait to read about your next traveling adventure.

Unknown said...

Thanx Jacqui . I can't wait till we have another adventure . We have started saving already .

Sunsets said...

Andrew I read your Bali blogs a while ago, but I didn't realise you'd added more including your side trip to Phuket.
I hope your girls are fully recovered now and have more memories of Phuket other than hospitals. I'm a health worker and I'm glad that the hospital admitted your girls (not sure that would happen in Oz, unfortunately).
Look forward to your next adventures

Unknown said...

Hi Lee.
The girls are fine now thanks, they felt 100% better by the time we landed back in Bali. I think they found a new love in Phuket with both girls wanting to go back to Bali and Phuket next year.
The Bangkok Hospital in Phuket was fantastic with the girls and me.
We are already saving and planning for another trip, next year.

Patong Guesthouse said...

Thanks for sharing your Phuket experience,
this post was very helpful… Keep posting and good luck with your post!

Jade said...

Thank you for your blog, it has given me some great advice for my Bali trip on Jan 26th :) Are you able to give me more details about the Golden Key printing, address etc... are the prices reasonable, and quality pretty good? and do they do all sorts of printing?

Thank you

Unknown said...

Hi Jade . I'm glad you liked my blog . I got the stubbie holders for my brother. He is happy with them and I thought they are great . The material they make them out of is very stiff but other than that the print job was great . Taka is the owners name, just tell him what you want and he will do it on computer while you are there . It's a very small skinny shop across the road from Indonational the restaurant.
Here is a few business cards from the trip , both Indonational and Golden Key cards are there .

or see the link at the end of the last post

I will upload a picture of the cooler soon .

If you are from Australia make sure you mention it as the Bali size is a bit smaller and our stubbies and cans don't fit.

Jade said...

Thank you so much for the information and the quick response, i'll be sure to pay him a visit :)

Kirsty said...

Hi Andrew, Really enjoyed your blog! So dare I ask if you will be going back to Phuket? We have never been to Bali so really don't know how they compare. I have always heard that the people in Thailand are nicer and the beaches?? Guess we will have to try it one day!

cheers, Kirsty, South Africa

Unknown said...

Hi Kristy , glad you enjoyed my blog . Yes we are booked to return to Phuket and Bangkok via Kuala Lumpur later in the year . Bali and Thailand are alike in some ways and in other totally different. Thailand has the better beaches but the surf isn't as good. I find Bali to be more cultural , but find in general both Thai and Bali people are wonderful and friendly . Both places are worth a visit.

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