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Friday, October 14, 2011

Fixed price shopping in Bali


Here is a few scans of business card for fixed price shopping in Bali I have used. I find it quick and oh so easy . Who wants to waste half an hour of your holiday time haggling over 5000rp .

Turikas shop is in Legian on the corner of Melasti st and Garlic Lane . She is a wonderful women and we keep in contact all the time and I visit her shop every trip . I put in an order and pick it up in a day or two , if she doesn't have it she will get it for you. But she has plenty of clothes in her shop . She is the battler of the fixed price shops .

Jennys shop is in Kuta. Down the road from the Bali Rani Hotel. She is waiting for her new shop to be finished. This is her temp shop.

This is Jennys new shop when it opens soon, it across the road from the Green Garden Hotel.

Miss Dianne shop is also down the road from the Bali Rani Hotel on the oppersite side of the road to Jennys shop. 

Ketuts shop is in a small laneway off Garlic Lane at the Melasti st end . Her shop is always busy . She has 3 shops full of stuff and the shop next door sells home wares for a good fixed price also . Ketut stocks plus size clothes or can get clothes made to order.

Laneway off Garlic Lane to Ketuts
The street sign for the laneway to ketuts
Ketuts shop

Miss Debby shop is on Garlic lane opposite side of the road to Ketuts , and at the Melasti st end . The shop is fixed priced . Ask to go outback in the shop.
Watch how they add up the total amount.

Looking from the corner of Jalan Melasti and Jalan Sahadewa (Garlic Lane)

Fishing Tackle

Becky Shop is in a small laneway off Legian Street and deals with plus size clothes.

 Bintang SuperMarket Seminyak

Jl. Raya Seminyak No.17, Seminyak, Bali, Indonesia

For handicrafts at a fixed price you can't go past Geneva or Biarritz

Geneva price list - here and web site here

I stumbled across this place by accident . It's along Sunset road and by the look of it only visited by locals . The prices are cheap and worth a quick stop .

Not all shops that say fixed price are fixed price. All shops posted here are fixed price.

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famous artists paintings said...

Very great post.I like your blog so much.Thank you very much for your sharing.

Anonymous said...

thanks so much have read your review you answered a lot of questions. Hoping to travel to Bali, Java in early October. Please keep up the good work
Larry j

Unknown said...

Thanks Larry j I hope you have a great trip

Anonymous said...

Very factual and helpful info. I take all my aussie friends to Ketut's shop this is where the learn fixed prices for clothes and only pay that price at other stalls or not!!!!!
Some people like to try Krisna for shopping on way to Sanur I think.

Unknown said...

Thanx , Yes Ketuts shop is great.

Bali Day Tour said...

That was impressive experience, thank you for choosing Bali as your tourist destination

Anonymous said...

I recently returned from Bali with my family and had a few rather bad market experiences made worse by having my small children with me. We are going to try Bali again next year and I just stumbled upon your blog looking for places to shop. I will be trying to find a lot of these places as a few look in walking distance of our hotel.
Thank you for your wonderful information, very helpful.

Unknown said...

Hi Emma , fixed price shopping in Bali is quick and easy , but please be aware some shops aren't fixed price. And also watch the prices and count you items at Miss Debbies store I have heard she is getting a little greedy.

magpiemax said...

Thanks forbthat info appreciated

magpiemax said...

Thanks forbthat info appreciated

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