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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Kuala Lumpur Part 1

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Malaysia has always been a hub for me; I spent a week in Kuala Lumpur almost 10 years ago and hated it. So now I use it as quick stop over in Kuala Lumpur before jetting off to my next destination.
With Air Asia having a few sales to KL and around Malaysia it wasn’t hard to work out it was time to see a little more of Malaysia. With prices from Sydney to Kuala Lumpur return $300AU per person and $45AU return from KL to Sandakan Sabah and free tickets return from KL to Langkawi with only a $15AU tax fee to pay , my Malaysian adventure was starting to take shape and with a total price of $360AU with no checked luggage just 7 kilo hand luggage.

My plan was to spend the 1st night in KL and the next day, enjoying a few sights around the city. That evening I would stay at the Tune Hotel at KLIA 2, which I had booked. So it was easier to catch an early flight to Sabah in the morning. I also booked the 1st night in Sabah at the Harbour Side Backpackers in Sandakan and I also booked the Berjaya Beach Resort in Langkawi. The rest I guess you could say I winged it as I went.

Day 1

Why is it always 6am!?! I shouldn’t complain; it’s adventure time, but why does it always have to start at 6 am. By 8am and 3 stops for coffee (my lift has a caffeine problem) I was at Sydney airport departure hall. I checked-in with Air Asia X and made my way to Immigration and my departure gate. First off time to fill my belly with a Mc Donald’s breakfast.
The flight was uneventful and about 6pm I landed at KLIA 2 airport and walked what seemed halfway to KL itself, this place is massive. In the arrival hall of the airport there are a few mobile phone companies and money changers. I bought myself a Tune Sim card for my phones which gave us 1.5 GB of data 1 hour of local calls and I think 10rm credit, which cost 50rm but it was a good amount to keep in contact with home. But I had made a mistake in using this card, Tune was good don’t get me wrong , but only in the built up areas once we were in the country or the islands we had no service, the locals where using Maxxis or Digi which had a better coverage than Tune.
Once on the ground floor I found the exit doors and to the SkyBus, I paid my 10rm to KL Sentral, now just to wait till it fills up. Before too long I was on our way and about 50 minutes later I was in KL Sentral and decided to finish the day with a feed a Mc Donald’s, Yummo; Iced Milo drinks, I love these and wish they sold them back home. After dinner I made my way to the LRT train and bought a token for 1rm for the trip from KL Sentral to Pasar Seni.

 Petailing Street 

Once off the LRT station I turned right at the MayBank and right onto Jalan Petailing and on the left is the Hotel China Town Inn. I asked if they had a room and I got a deluxe twin for 79rm about $30AU a night. I watched Petailing Street from the window for a while before we decided to catch some zzzzzzz’s.

Day 2

Rice Porridge and Steamed Chicken with Teh Tarik

By 9am I was up and ready, first stop something to fill my belly. I walked right out of the hotel and took the first right to a small street lined with street restaurants. I grabbed rice Porridge and steamed chicken with a Teh Tarik a cream tea, the food was good not the best I’ve eaten but nice the Teh Tarik was nice, but not fantastic like I was told.  A female Thai Monk who was giving out wrist bands to make merit, we had a quick chat in Thai and she smiled as we wished each other Chok Dee at the same time. 

 Guan Di Temple

Sri Mahamariamman Temple

 Flower Chains

I took a slow walk back towards the hotel, when I noticed a small market down an alley way. I explored and I bought myself a great little singing monk bowl for a great price there wasn’t much else that took my fancy, but it was just a small local market. Still on our China Town tour I stopped in at the Guan Di Temple and Sri Mahamariamman Temple. I also had a quick walk around Central Market then got onto the LRT and 2rm later we were in KLCC and I grabbed lunch inside the food court followed by a walk around the park. My day was drawing to a close and I had to start my next move, back to KLIA 2 and to spend the night at the Tune Hotel. 

 Tune Hotel KLIA 2
I grabbed my pack from The Hotel China Town Inn and headed to Pasar Seni for our 1rm ride to KL Sentral and the 10rm SkyBus to KLIA 2. As the bus pulled up at the airport I could see the Tune Hotel straight ahead and off to the right. Or get off the bus go up 1 level and walk along the corridor to the hotel, which is the safer option. Check-in was quick and easy and 174rm for a room, about $65AU. The room are very comfortable clean and good value. 

Roti Pisang 
Once I had settled in I went back over to the Mall next to the Terminals, and looked for somewhere to eat and saw NZ Curry which seemed popular with the airport staff so we placed our orders, Roti Pisang and Teh Tarik, the roti was great dipped into the curry sauce but the Teh Tarik (tea) which was fantastic and very sweet.
Time to get back to the hotel; it’s an early start in the morning.

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