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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Things That Make You Go Hmmmm..........

Here's a selection of photos I have taken on my travels that have given me a giggle or at least a smile.

Keeping his feet dry with plastic bags in Jalan Petailing Kuala Lumpur

A restaurant in Langkawi

Legian Bali

Hotel in Bangkok
 Legian Bali

Chang Mai

Taxi Bangkok

Bangla Road Patong

Y Bar Legian Bali

Y Bar Legian Bali
 Kuta Bali

Kwah Ijen Java

Lovina Bali

Ubud Bali

A Spa in Bangkok

The Golden Arches Restaurant (Mc Donalds) LCCT Airport Malaysia
Sounds a bit flash

Store in Bangkok


Market in Phuket

Patong Phuket

Patong Phuket

Patong Phuket
 Seminyak Bali

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