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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Singapore 2013

Day 22

That darn alarm, I thought to myself as I fumbled around in the dark trying to find my phone to turn the bloody alarm off. 430am, up and ready to go. We headed for reception and dumped our packs and made our way to breakfast in the hotel restaurant.
530am quick run !!!!! We needed to be on the free airport shuttle from Concorde Inn to KLIA. Upon arrival we quickly made our way to our check-in counter. I had managed to get free tickets to Singapore from Jetstar Asia as part of a promo as they have just opened up a new route from Singapore and Kuala Lumpur. I just had to pay taxes, and with a $100 return for 3 people. Why not!

We boarded our plane and sat down; I noticed there was a bit less leg room on Jetstar. The plane took off and I peered out the window looking down on Malaysia unit we disappeared into the clouds. The seat belt sign went out, and the girls scrambled for the 2 vacant rows in front of us to stretch out. I grabbed my IPod and settled in to listen to some music, 3 songs later it was time to turn electronics off. I sat there thinking to myself why even mention we can turn them on.
The plane banked to the left and the window flashed our first view of Singapore with our faces pushed against the window our eyes marvelled at the new sights. We could see boats lining up to use the harbour, and beyond the harbour we could see Marina Bay Sands Hotel, the Singapore Flyer and on to the city of Singapore.
Once past immigration we headed from terminal 1 to terminal 2 and onto the Changi airport MRT station Purchased out tickets from the ticket machine which was pretty easy and cost about $3 each. It was a little daunting at first but we soon got the hang of it. If you get the large plastic ticket you can exchange it after the ride for a $1 refund once your journey is completed.
We finally arrived at our Hostel, 5footway.inn ProjectBugis. We were too early to check-in so we left our gear there and headed out to go adventuring and for lunch. Next block to the hostel is subway, both girls wanted to have lunch there. They had a $5 promotion of a 6 inch sub with a drink. Bargain lunch.
After lunch we took the overpass bridge to Nicoll Highway MRT station and headed towards Promenade MRT (ticket $1.20) and once outside we headed towards the Singapore Flyer. 

 I had picked up a discount pamphlet at the airport, saying if we had bought tickets at the tourism counter we could get a discount of $3 per ticket. Well I didn’t buy the tickets at the airport but I did have the pamphlet with me, so I asked the guy if he could price match the pamphlet. Well he went one better and gave us $33 per person tickets for $26.40 per person. Bargain.


We entered the maze of displays and eventually emerged so we could finally ride the Singapore flyer.  I was amazed to see what a fantastic 360 view of Singapore city at a calm and gently pace and as much as we enjoyed it we also thank god it was over. I guess there only so much to see but it is well worth a look for the first timer.

We walked back to Promenade MRT to catch the train to Esplanade MRT. And walk up the road a little to see the world famous Raffles Hotel. 

We doubled back a bit to grab so cash from the ATM (Citibank Fee Free). We then headed towards the Marina Bay waterfront to see Marina Bay Sands from a different angle and the Merlion, which was packed. There was a quick rain storm for 10 minutes we took refuge under the bridge until it passed. Soon enough the sun had popped out from behind the disappearing clouds and really turned the humidity knob up to ultrahigh.

 We made our way back to the Hostel via the MRT,to freshen up and get ready to go out.
We walked to the next block to the Nicoll Highway overbridge and MRT and had a great feed of Chicken rice with a bowl of soup and a bean sprout salad with water all for $6.
After dinner we flagged down a taxi, which was a bit tougher than we thought it would be. Seems taxi drivers prefer to pick up in ERP zones as they earn more money. We finally got a taxi to the Singapore night safari which took about 30 minutes and cost me $25 dollars.
The night safari was packed which takes a lot of enjoyment out of things. We had to line up for quite some time to ride the tram around the park with is a great way to see the animals. Not really good for photos though. But very enjoyable and a different way to view the animals the girls enjoyed trying to spot the animals in the dark. After the tram we lined up for the show which was enjoyable with a message. By this time we were worn out. It had been a long day. We watched the fire show before grabbing a taxi back to the hostel which cost us $20.

 Back at the hostel we enjoyed a hot shower a hot chocolate a bit of boasting on Facebook before bed.
5footway.inn Project Bugis is a hostel not far from Arab Street and the Mosque. The hostel is great it has a lounge area with a TV and 2 Apple Mac computers. The rooms are up stairs, our room slept 3 with a double loft style bed with a futon for a single bed. The room is basic and small, it has a small desk a lamp a power point and a few hooks to hang stuff and air conditioned. We also had a private bathroom with a toilet and hot shower, which was great. We also got once free towels and coffee and Milo was free from the coffee machine so was the Wi-Fi and breakfast of cornflakes or toast was provided on the back terrace.


5footway inn Project Bugis hostel - Business Card Front and Rear

Website Here

Day 23

Next morning it was raining, well more like pouring down really. So we decided to be a bit lazy and grab some breaky and had a nap, I also washed our clothes.
We ventured out after lunch to the Marina shopping center. Mc Donald’s was chosen followed by a game of bowling and a later afternoon movie. Gangster squad was a good movie and we were very happy with our selection.
We caught the MRT back to Bugis and wondered around Arab st area and the Mosque it was a great vide with a wide range of Halal restaurants and the sweet smell of shisha pipe tobacco drifting through the air. The area has a wide range of fabrics for sale as well as a few tourist shops and well worth a look and a meal.

We grabbed a few supplies from the 7/11 and made our way to the hostel. Once back we shared a few Oreo biscuits and a hot milo drink while we checked-in on our cyber worlds before going bed as we had another early start in the morning.

Day 24

4 am and time to get ready, we checked-out and ordered a taxi to Changi airport. The trip took about 20 minutes and cost me $23.
We made our way through immigration and to grab something to eat, subway was a good choice. We ate up and made our way to the gate to wait and board the Jetstar plane to Kuala Lumpur.

Once we boarded it was a short 40 minute flight to KLIA. We cleared immigration and customs and made our way to level 1 and door 3 to grab our free shuttle bus to the Concord Inn.
I had booked day use of the room, and I’m glad I did it rained all day and we were worn out. We checked-in and went off to our room. But once we got there, we heard a drumming and megaphones blaring. I had to go back to reception to complain about the noise again. How could we sleep with that noise, the hotel manager gave us a room upgrade, but the room was closer to the noise. So I went back to reception and asked for my money back, the manager asked if I would take another room well away from the noise I agreed to see the room. It was miles away from the noise and very quiet. We took the room with an extra few hours to check-out from 6 pm to 8 pm and grabbed some much needed rest.
7pm and we checked-out and grabbed the free shuttle bus to KLAI then went to the 2nd level and got the green bus for 2.50 MR to LCCT.
We arrived at LCCT and made our way to Mc Donald’s for a feast, before making our way past immigration and to the gate. The wait for our flight home seemed to take a life time to go by. I think we were all thinking the same thing, home, hot shower, to be close to loved ones and our own beds. And as much as we have done and seen over the last 24 days. Home is always at the back of our minds.
We boarded the Air Asia plane and took our seats. Only to find out we have been delayed! We had to wait for a flight from Phuket with 42 passengers having to go through immigration and board the flight which took an extra 50 minutes. I guess time was made up in the sky as we landed pretty much on time.

Day 25

I walked out of Sydney immigration and customs to see a guy holding a sign with my name on it. I approached him and said I’m him, pointing to the sign. Seems my parents had sprung a lift from the airport home with a hire car company. A limo had just finished a job in Sydney. So lucky us scored a limo ride home with plenty of room to stretch out and enjoy the ride home. With me staring out the window left me wondering “what’s next!”
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