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Sunday, May 30, 2010


Bali is part of Indonesia. And a favourite place of mine I have visited Bali 6 times. Once when I was a child with my parents, sometime in the 70's and 5 visits since 2000.With the last visit in 2009.
I will start with the 2000 visit and work up to 2009.
I will share some photos and info I have learnt over the years.

more info on Bali HERE

Bali 2000

A lot of years have passed, since I travelled as a child. And Bali was my first trip as an adult. The trip was booked and the day of departure came quickly. I sat in the car on the way to Sydney airport with mixed feeling.
Touch down at Bali Ngurah Rai International Airport, cleared customs easy.
We got outside the airport, shit and a few other words went through my mind, the smell and heat where enough to kill anyone, what have I got myself in for .The drive from the airport had my head spinning the traffic was crazy, no road rules what so ever horns tooting nonstop .I wanted to get back on the plane and go home.

We arrived at our hotel Bali Rani in Tuban, right next to Kuta .We booked in and the place was really nice so to were the staff of the hotel. I started to feel better.
After a welcome drink and a freshen up we hit the streets to explore , The first bargaining experience was a shambles I’m sure I could of bought 7 pairs of sandals for the price I paid for 1 pair. I’m pleased to say the bargaining got better as time went by. The next few days were enjoyable a bit of shopping done, drunk a lot of Bintang beer and organised a few tours.

Over the next few days we did some tours. I will post a series of photos of the tours as they are much nicer to look at the read my waffling .These are scans of photos.

Ayung white water rafting

website here

An early start to the day as we were picked up from the hotel and driven by minibus to the upper reaches of the Ayung River .It was fantastic to be in the comfort of the air conditioned minivan even though we hurtled along at some fantastic speed weaving in and out of traffic tooting the horn every few minutes.
We arrived at the start point and were fitted up with life jackets, helmets and a paddle and told this way to river. Yer sure, I think it was 150 step short of ending up in china .At the bottom I was greeted by a Balinese guy who gave me a drink in a leaf rolled into a cone and full of water .They gave us a safety lesson and told us the river is full and fast after the rain .We set off and had a great time, there was a few heart stopping moments but a fantastic day with a meal and cold drink waiting for us at the finish.

Barong Dance

Mt Batur - Active Volcano

Monkey Forest Ubud

Tanalot temple

Turtle Island

Bali 2003

On this trip, my eldest daughter Miss C joined me. We stayed at Melasti Beach Resort in Legian.Which was better and quieter than Kuta and only a short cheap taxi ride away or a 20 minute walk along the beach.

Melasti Beach Resort

website here

Elephant Safari Park at Taro

website here

An excellent day out , with an early morning pick up . Elephant ride through the jungle and in the elephant pool and after spend time with the carers and feed the elephants

Bali bird park

website here

Bali Reptil Park

website here

Mother Temple of Besakih - Mount Agung

Bali 2004

I was joined by miss c again on this visit and a few others , so a few place were revisited.
We stayed at the Bali Garden Hotel in Kuta , Was a good hotel except for a lot of noise from the club across the road

Bali Garden Hotel

website here

A few shots from around Kuta

Kuta Memorial

Let's never forget this needless waste of life

Bali Bird park

Elephant Safari Park at Taro

GitGit waterfall

Banjar Hot Springs

Bounty Cruises

website here

A cruise was given to us free of charge when we booked the air tickets. Ended up, being a great night. I got onboard to find out there was free fosters beer all night, how good is this, a free cruise and free food and beer.
We set sail and headed for the harbour entrance, Cool we get to see the coast of Bali at sunset. Wrong, the boat came to a holt 10 minutes later. What was wrong I asked? We have stopped for dinner. And that was the extent of the cruise .Anchored in the middle of Bali harbour .Dinner was served and we enjoyed a traditional Balinese dance .A singer, Then a guy dressed as a women got a comedy act going, and me full of fosters got roped into his act, which ended up being a lot of fun .It was a great night and the food was great.

Rice terraces

Time with friends

Bali 2005

I went back to the Melasti beach resort in Legian, as I stated before it’s a lot quieter and still very easy to get to Kuta. The Melasti is a great hotel, in need of a do over though .It is getting a bit old looking, on the upside the breakfast is getting better every year we go.
This year I travelled with Air Paradise, very cheap fares. We arrived in Bali in the late afternoon of the 23rd of November 2005. Got transferred to our hotel, hit the streets to change some cash, get supplies (beer) and a new t-shirt and shorts for tomorrow . Back to the hotel, to restock the mini bar with my supplies of coke and Bintang. Jumped in the pool to cool down, so humid. Ordered a pizza for dinner and cracked open a Bintang. Bliss
Knock, Knock .Went the hotel door, shit, panic, and find some clothes. Tripping and stumbling over luggage and empty Bintang cans. What a way to wake up. I opened the door to a Balinese staff member smiling saying selamat pagi, I grumbled back pagi. He handed me a piece of paper. Terima kasih I said. Oh shit no, I yelled. The airline has gone bust. What the fire truck will I do now? I found out from another Aussie we had to go to Sanur, QANTAS office. What a way to start a holiday, with no way of getting home. At least I was stuck in Bali. In the QANTAS office I found out QANTAS will fly us home. We leave 3 days earlier then we are supposed to, or stay 3 extra days, Oh gee let me think about that one. STAY

Melasti Beach Hotel

Bali Bird Market

even this guy was for sale

Kuta beach

Kuta beach Sunset

Kuta art market

Ceremony Kuta beach

Bali Quad

website here


Garuda Wisnu Kencana Cultural Park

website here

Uluwatu and Kecak Dance

Bali Zoo

website here

Sangeh monkey forest

Bali 2009

I had miss c and miss g with me this time it was miss g 1st visit to Bali and she loved it.
We stayed at the Melasti Beach Resort again .

Turikas shop

Fixed price shopping

Kuta beach sunsets


Bali Safari & Marine Park

website here

Bali Dolphins

website here

Bali Bintang Bike Tour

website here

This was something I have wanted to do for years. I finally got to do it .Miss c joined me .We were picked up at 7am and whisked off to the mountains to a coffee plantation. Where we got to taste different teas and coffees and coco was quite good. Then they showed us a Palm Civet some kind of cat animal from Asia. We were told they feed the coffee berries to the Palm Civet and after it passes they make coffee out of its poo and the passed berries. See here for more info .I am not a coffee drinker at any time, but what the heck. Nothing ventured, nothing gained .It cost me about $5 aud for a small cup, and it was very strong and stirred with a stick of cinnamon. Very tasty I must say. Miss c just looked at me with discussed look on her face, don’t kiss me ever again she said.
Back in the minivan and off to Kintamani. Where we had pancake bananas and tea or coffee and had a photo opportunity of the volcano.
We were given gloves a helmet a bike and a bottle of water, we set off on a 45 km ride from Kintamani to Ubud, and it was fantastic way to see Bali. It was very hot about the 32 degrees mark with 85% humidity. Clearly a silly day to do a bike ride. It was great having kids run out for a hi 5 on the way pass.

That covers 5 of my 6 trips , feel free to leave a reply or send me an email .

Here is some more of my Bali photos

here and here

My driver is Wayan Yasa 08164701287

Here's a few links to some good info on Bali



Trip advisor




And why not learn some Indonesian


My Bali map with spots of interest


Batik Painting

I had bed covers and doona covers made , take your measurements with you and a design , give them about a week to make it .They look fantastic .

Also I had doona covers made at Monica Collection

My latest Bali trip here

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Sarannah said...

Just wanted to say that I thoroughly enjoyed reading about your trips to Bali. Like you, I have been to Bali many times (10 visits between 1984 and 2004). I haven't been to Bali for six years now and just wanted some info regarding what's new since 2004. You have a lovely writing style and I enjoyed reading your blog.

Unknown said...

Thanx Lynne , I am glad you enjoyed my blog . Bali has changed a bit over the years , feel free to email me if you want to any questions answered , My email is on the profile .
I will be back in Bali March 2011

Justmerv said...

Thanks for writing your blog. I enjoyed reading them while being bored at work. Like you, I love travelling and admire you going to Singapore/KL on your own. (From what I gather reading your blog)

Love the roaring at Night Safari.

Btw, the smog in Phuket is caused mostly by the burning by Indonesian farmers :)

Enjoy more travels!

Unknown said...

Hi Mervyn , I'm glad you enjoyed my blog .
The roaring , another of my childish moments but all in good fun .
I was told in Phuket while on a boat heading for the hongs that it was Malaysia , maybe I misunderstood him .

HoneyBear said...

Hello Andrew

I found out about your blog while reading a post about bedspreads on Bali Travel Forum. I was keen to look at your photos. They are great and capture some great moments. I have been to Bali many times and love the place. Thanks for sharing your journeys.



Unknown said...

Hi Andrew, I loved reading all your blogs, lovely to see a man who has a great relationship with his daughters and includes them in his travels and life!! I am almost the opposite to you, single mum with 2 boys and am thinking of taking them to Singapore and Thailand as we have done Bali a few times. However I must admit it is hard to think about leaving my comfort zone in that I know Bali so well, where to eat ,shop and tour. I am not a confident traveller but you have made me think a little harder about investigating other travel options so thanks. cheers DEb

Unknown said...

Hi Deborah .
I do have a good relationship with my girls, but I have been caring for them on my own since the youngest was 10 months old . Now she is a teenager .
I'm glad you enjoyed my blog . The idea is to help and encourage others to travel. And I think it enriches your life and your children lives as well .
I say go for it , don't be afraid the world is a wonderful place .

Unknown said...

Dear Andrew!
I'll go to Bali this year.
Your blog helped me a lot what I must see there.
Good pictures and lots of experience.
I am only confused with the cash or Credit Card.
I live in Hungary so our money (Hungarian Forint) isn't an international currency.
What is your oppinion?
Should I have to make my money to USD or Euro after change it to Rupia(double change), or is it a good idea to get money from my credit card in one of the banks in Denpasar?
Thanks for your help!!

Unknown said...

Hi Erik , thanx I'm glad you enjoyed my blog . With your Hungarian money I'm not sure if is accepted in Bali , That would be a good question to ask on a forum like trip advisor . USD and EURO are both accepted in Bali. When I travel I take cash and a normal bank account card with a credit card as back up .
Hope you have a fantastic trip

Aussie Lexiphile said...

Andrew, thank you so much for your blog. I'm thinking about a first trip to Bali and reading your posts has given me so much more info than some travel forums I've looked at. You and your girls are such a lovely family! Great photos too.
Cheers, Louise

Chrissy said...

Hi Andrew, I have enjoyed reading your blogs and seeing in the photos your daughters growing up each trip to Bali.
I did my first o/s trip in April 2010 to Bali with my 15yo son and two other families, loved it. Stayed at Bali Gardens and did the bike ride, safari park, Nusa Lembogan, and Waterbom along with alot of shopping, drinking and eating.
Went back to Bali in March 2011 with 3 girlfriends, and did alot of the same (they hadnt been before) as well as the dolphins in Sanur. This time we stayed at the Jayakarta Private Apartments. Again we had a great time and were sad to leave.
Have just got back from a trip to Thailand with my son, Bangkok, Kanchanaburi, Hua Hin and Phuket. Loved this and tried to see as much as possible in the two weeks we were there.
Like you I managed to get onto the Jetstar birthday sale again this year and am heading back to Bali with friends in March 2012. This time will do 4 nights at Scallywags on Gili Islands, and have yet to book accommodation for another 10 nights in Bali. Am checking all the options and was wondering what you thought of Melasti on your last visit, sounds like it was a bit noisy. Another option I am looking at is Puri Damai in Legian/Seminyak area. Your thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks Chris

Unknown said...

Hi Chris . Sounds like you have the travel and have had a wonderful adventure already .
I have stayed at the Melasti a few times now , I love the big suite room which gives me and my girls a little privacy . The hotel itself is great a little worn out but still great . Breakfast is average , March we had a family upstairs who were just animals no respect for anyone . I'm heading back to Bali in November , I stayed there last Nov/Dec and the place was full of schoolies . So this visit I'm heading next door to the Sari Beach Inn right on the beach and close to some great places to eat .
I have never stayed or heard anything about the Puri Damai sorry , but the reviews on trip advisor seem great .


Unknown said...

Thanx Aussie Lexiphile , I'm glad you enjoyed my blog

Rino said...

Hi, Andrew..
I'm an Indonesian and already visit Bali for 4 times since 2001. I already booked the hotel and airlines for my 5th visit around february 2012. It's gonna be my first Bali trip with my wife and my daughter.
Anyway, I stuck in your blog and found a lot of interesting places that I never heard before, such as Bali Dolphins, Bali Cycling Tour and Bali Quad. I saw your pics over thrtr and it seems fun, so I'd like to take trips to these places.
Thanks for your info, especially for the websites link, so I could arrange my holiday..
Terima kasih, Andrew.. ;)

Unknown said...

Thanx Rino , I hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday

Bali 2 Booking said...
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Anonymous said...

Hi there,

How much should we be paying for a off meter taxi ride for a full day?

Unknown said...

Hi a full day can be between 450 000rp - 550 000rp but bargain a price before hand.

Bali Bike Tour said...

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